Bat Man Birthday Gift Halloween Costume

Bat Man Birthday Gift Halloween Costume

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Original Batman and Dark Knight tshirt designs in vintage and graphic styles featuring Bruce Wayne, the Joker, and more of your favorite characters.

Batman breaks all ties to what a traditional superhero is to Americans. We see Batman as a possibility, making his legend even more legendary.



Why Americans Love Batman?

The silent “superhero” that enamors us all.

We love batman because he is real to us. On the contrary, Superman or Clark Kent is not real to Americans. Superman is an alien who can fly, take bullets to the face, jump over skyscrapers, lift skyscrapers, etc. Likewise, Spiderman is not real either. Spiderman has ridiculous motor skills allowing him to slow down time in his head and react at alarming rates. He also shoots webs out of his wrists allowing him to swing from building to building almost effortlessly. This “spider power” also gives him the ability to climb walls and be super strong. Batman’s “superpower” is his money and his abilities. He doesn’t have any supernatural ability that helps him fight his enemies. We love Batman because he is simply an extraordinary man.

However, Batman is not just extraordinary because of his skills. He is actually an extraordinary soul. We see this throughout the trilogy in the sacrifices he makes for the good of the people, but we see it especially at the end of the Dark Knight (movie #2) in Gordon’s monologue. His son knows that Batman is good and asks Gordon, his father, why the police are chasing him. He replies

Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

Gordon describes why Americans love Batman. We love him for two reasons. Firstly, he’s rich and doesn’t have to fight crime. Secondly, we love him because while all other superheroes stand on their pedestal and soak in the fame of being super, Batman is willing to make all the necessary sacrifices to keep Gotham safe, even if it means he has to be labeled as the bad guy. He vows to work in the dark and protect the people, wearing a mask and fighting in the dead of night without a pat on the back or a sign of gratitude from the people.

Batman breaks all ties to what a traditional superhero is to Americans. We see Batman as a possibility, making his legend even more legendary.

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