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If you feel like your body isn’t quite beach ready yet, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide on How to Dress For the Beach If You’re Fat.
Learning to dress for your body type is an important skill to develop. Even if you are overweight, this is possible to do. Learn how to accentuate your positive features and feel more confident with what you’re wearing.

Not only is a walk on the beach an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors, but the extra resistance from the sand can help you burn more calories compared to harder surfaces. Here are the tips what to wear on the beach to be quite relaxing

Packing for a warm-weather trip means striking the right balance between comfortable and chic, and creating cute beach vacation outfits that look (and feel) effortless–which, ironically, can be stressful. The idea of a getaway is to decompress and have fun, so instead of getting frazzled over what to wear to the beach and beyond during your next trip, take style inspiration from some of the best-dressed ladies under the sun.

Thor is iconic he’s powerful, and funny. Plus his sad story, he has officially lost everyone including, His mom(Frigga), sister (Hela), brother (Loki), father (Odin), his friends(Heimdall, Warriors 3), and his teamates (Iron Man, Black Widow & Vision). Chris plays him well.