How To Make A Punisher T Shirt
How To Make A Superhero punisher T Shirterhero!

How To Make A Superhero T-Shirt

DIY Superhero Shirt Tutorial. the Easiest Tutorial To Make Your Own Superhero Shirt

How To Make A Punisher T Shirt Video

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a Punisher shirt.

First step. You’re going to need to print out. A punisher skull or just draw it. And then you’re going to take some scissors and cut it around it. This might take a while.

But It’s worth it. And if you’re having trouble gaining the nose in the eyes makes you cry at one of these. What makes Rob appeared with you when you do that Mixed up. I. Tried doing it on a flat surface. I’ll lay your template on the shirt. Now you have to spray paint all over it. You’re Done remove the template. And Boom Shaka looks. You got it.

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